Wholesale Terms

Our ordering process/guidelines:


At once payment via credit card at www.classicstate.com


To use the website/Place an order:

  1. Log in with your email and password. This will switch the site over to the “wholesale”. You should see different pricing compared to what you see on the website without logging in.
  2. If you add items to your cart at full-price before logging in, your cart will not recognize a difference in price. Items will need to be removed and re-added after logging in for discount to be applied.
  3. You must meet the minimum order requirement before completing your order at checkout
  4. Enter in credit card, shipping and billing info as per usual.  

If you need to add something to your order after check out, we can usually affect the order within a couple of hours of it being placed. Contact Lauren@sotaclothing.com or ClassicstateUSA@gmail.com However if your order has already shipped out, we will not be able to add anything to your order, and a new order will need to be placed meeting the required minimum order.



$100 minimum on all orders.  Check out will not be permitted until minimum is met.

Keep all Classic State hang tags on merchandise when selling.

Wholesaler agrees to not share pricing or design information with others outside of their company.


Selling platforms:

Wholesalers are allowed to sell Classic State merchandise on their own website URL, and within their brick and mortar store. 

 Selling on Facebook or Etsy are not permitted. We do not allow pre-sales, flash sales, or coupons to be used listed below our retail price.

Wholesalers must agree to not sell to a 3rd party or other retail stores.



We offer Free Shipping on all Wholesale Orders!

We strive to ship orders in a timely manner. Our average turn around is 1-2 days Monday-Friday. However during busier times of the year (i.e. State Fair, Holidays) orders may take longer to ship out. Please keep this in mind when ordering during those times of the year, and plan for 4-5 business day turn around.

 If you have any questions about your order, please contact Lauren (Lauren@sotaclothing.com) or Customer Care. (Classicstateusa@gmail.com)



We do not accept returns on in-condition merchandise. If an item is damaged please let us know as soon as possible, with pictures of damaged item. We will issue a refund to your card or send a replacement at your request.


We do not accept returns from customers who purchased at a wholesaler’s store. They must return the product from where it was originally purchased. And if that item is/was damaged, we will issue a credit to the wholesaler upon request.


We reserve the right to discontinue service to customers at our own discretion and as we see fit.