Finding Home from Coast to Coast – Classic State

Finding Home from Coast to Coast

Some of us have only ever called one place home, and with that comes a special kind of belonging. Planting roots in one place, and never needing to uproot them. Tending to the same friendships for decades, never bidding farewell. 

Others know the trials and exhilaration that come from making a new place home time and again, across states lines and maybe even seas. They know the sweat it takes to make a strange place feel familiar, and the thrill of creating a new community from scratch.

Whether you've had the privilege of always calling one place home, or you've had to plant new roots more than once, Classic State exists to drive your home roots even deeper. Pulling what's unique about the lifestyle and culture of each state and incorporating that into its clean and timeless designs. Creating headwear that unites from coast to coast. 

We understand that sometimes something as simple as an old hat can serve as a reminder that you belong, or of where you've come from. 

"My husband grew up in Vermont. He loves the mountains and thinks so fondly of his time there. We had to move to North Carolina for his medical school so for his birthday in April I gifted him with a VT SnapBack. He hasn’t taken it off since!" -M. Chambers

And sometimes we need to cultivate a sense of home pride that's simply untouched by the performance of any given sports team or allegiance. Because when you take pride in where you've come from and know that you belong, you have all you need to call any place home.