Ohio Hat - Classic State

The Buckeye State

Ohio first made a splash by establishing itself as an industrial powerhouse within our young nation’s economy.  Although Ohio’s deep manufacturing roots are still very much visible today, I, like most Ohioans, look at the state in a new light.  One filled with a rich and eclectic variety of lifestyles.  

Historic and modern art attractions to stimulate the deep minded.  Bountiful adventures for exhilarating zip-lining, water rafting, roller coaster loving thrill seekers.  Lifelong devoted communities with a passion fueled by a deep rivalry to root for their home team. Vast agricultural landscapes cultivated by a population rooted in the simple things in life.  The Buckeye state has evolved into a land for anyone to comfortably call home.

Ohio is anchored by its “Three Big C’s.”  Columbus acts as a big brother, with perhaps the most power of the three to unify the people of Ohio as being the center of the Buckeye universe.  If you’re ever in Columbus just yell, “O-H…” and you’ll see what I mean. Cincinnati has proven itself to be youthful, energetic and fun. A beautiful city that oozes a modern lifestyle and is home to one of the top zoos in the country, as well as one of the best sunsets you’ll ever see.  And Cleveland. I am proud to call this my hometown as throughout its long history through highs and lows, the people have always remained consistently proud and hardworking, earning everything they have. Historic and lively, Cleveland truly is one of a kind.

No matter where you are in this great state, you’re never too far from home.

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