Happy Thanksgiving from Classic State

Happy Thanksgiving from Classic State

Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays in the US and when you think of Thanksgiving day dinner your mind probably goes to things like turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy.  But since the US is the ultimate melting pot, it may come at no surprise that what you’ll actually find on the table can vary state to state!


Here are 10 unique Thanksgiving dishes from some of our favorite states


Arkansas:  Folks from “The Natural State” definitely love their turkey but they’re actually known for tossing their turkey with their spaghetti and having turkey spaghetti.


New Hampshire: Forget about pumpkin pie, residents in NH are serving up blueberry pie from their summer harvest


Virginia: VA is leveling up their carb game and serving mac n cheese along with their other, more traditional, sides


Wisconsin: file this one under “things we wouldn’t have ever guessed” but Wisconsinites frequently add shrimp to their Thanksgiving Day table


California: On the flip side, no one is surprised that this health conscious state likes to serve baked salmon


Alabama: Is there anything more Southern than Red Velvet cake?  The answer is no.


Colorado: Coloradans don’t mess around with turkey…pass the ham!


Idaho: it’s only fitting that potatoes are the star of the show for Thanksgiving in Idaho and these folks like theirs baked, not mashed.


Louisiana: Raise your hand if you know what a mirliton is!  We definitely didn’t but the good people of Louisiana like theirs stuffed with shrimp, crab, & sausage.


Minnesota: The ultimate comfort food…green bean casserole!  You’re all welcome at our table to share our state dish!!


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from your friends at Classic State!


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